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How I Became a Car Enthusiast

Growing up I was a pretty big racing game fanatic. I had played most of the Need For Speed games, loved the Forza Motorsport games, and adored the PGR series. However, I never really fell in love with cars until 8th grade. The Xbox One had just come out and I debated on whether or not I would buy one. A friend of mine who happened to get one for Christmas invited me over to play his. That night we spent hours upon hours playing the latest addition to the Forza Series: Horizon 2. Beautiful Italian cars shot across the screen followed by classic American muscle. The roar of engines ranging from BMW I4s to Pagani V12s blasted through the speakers. Within the few hours I had played, I knew I had to get an Xbox One.

A few weeks later I got my Xbox along with a copy of Horizon 2. I spent days racing around Italy and France while earning enough credits to buy my first car. At the time, the only major supercar I cared for was the Audi R8. So, I went to the marketplace and got myself a brand new 2013 Audi R8 V10. Within minutes I was racing it through the hills of the Horizon world. I took it all over Nice, through Saint Martin, and along the coast of Castelletto.

Within a few weeks I had completed over one hundred races and had hundreds of thousands of credits to spend. I went back to the marketplace and looked carefully with my young eyes over the insane collection the game offered. From modern Ferraris to classic Volkswagens, this game had it all. I remembered my days of Need For Speed Carbon. My favorite car in that game was the Lamborghini Murcielago. I flocked to the Lambo section and was absolutely taken away by the amount of choices I had. Cars I had never heard of like the Miura, Countach, Diablo, Urus concept, Veneno, and Huracan, screamed “Buy me”, but my heart was set. I saw exactly what I was looking for. It had the lines and technology of a jet fighter. Its knife like shape was absolutely stunning to my 14 year old brain. Best of all, it had a totally badass name: Aventador. Within seconds of driving the Aventador, it dethroned the mighty Murcielago that I had praised for so many years. I was in love.

By the time Spring came, I had over 150 cars in Forza. Each one had been customized to my liking and tuned for a need. More importantly, the Spring of 2015 marked my very first car show: The New York International Auto Show. As soon as I got through the front gate I knew I was in heaven. There were Porsches, Nissan GTRs, Mustangs, Camaros, and more. Yet, the real attraction for me was the Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Veyron, and the Koenigsegg Agera R, sitting atop their pedestals in the middle of the Javits Center. As soon as I saw that Aventador my legs began to wobble. I was literally shaking. The beautiful glossy red Aventador next to a spectacular looking blue Agera was the perfect sight to my young eyes. To me these weren’t just cars. They were art.

I continued to walk through the Javits Center until I finally came across the one company I had barely heard of: McLaren. Little did I know at the time, but these were possibly the craziest cars at the show. There was a stunning F1 GT, a gorgeous P1 GTR, and an incredible amount of 570S. I remember staring at these cars wondering to myself how alien like they looked. Compared to the Aventador, the 570S was mature. It wasn’t sharp or jagged, it was curvy and sexy. It had a sense of maturity to it. I was captivated. This was the first time I had ever seen a McLaren in person, and they instantly became my second favorite company.

The following months came through, and I attended every single car show in my area. My favorite: Caffeine and Carburetors in downtown New Canaan Connecticut. The moment I stepped out of the 996 Turbo S my Dad brought, I was shocked by the amount of cars there were. McLaren P1s rolled through the main strip, Gallardo Superleggeras were revving, a man with a ‘69 Mustang was showing his friend around the car, and so much more. I remember looking around and being stunned by the whole scene. A Carrera GT slowly pushed its way through the crowd, followed by a brand new 918. I spent the next few hours wandering around in total amazement. It was in this very moment that I knew cars had taken the throne in my heart.

The amazement I felt in that one moment has carried over the years until even today. My love for all things cars is what made me start this photography business. As I grew older, became more well versed in cars, saw more insane cars, and researched more and more, I realized every car has a story. Whether it be a custom Pagani that the client spends upwards of $2,000,000 on, or the classic muscle car that has been passed down from generation to generation, every car has a story. I am proud that Elite Auto Photography has the honor of telling that story through the photos I take.

To think that I’ve only been a car enthusiast for about four years is crazy. I’ve seen pretty much every supercar and hypercar in the world, traveled to Europe to visit the factories and museums of some of the world’s most prestigious companies, attended car shows, and learned to drive manual. Yet this is only the beginning.

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