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My First Time Seeing a Pagani Huayra

As a kid, the only time I thought I’d ever come close to seeing a Pagani was in Forza. I never realized that Connecticut was home to about 10-20 Huayras. It was probably early 2015 when I had seen my first, and it was glorious.

My first time ever hearing about Pagani was in Forza Motorsport 4. There were quite a few of them in that game, yet my favorite was always the Huayra. Its sleek lines and curved panels made me crazy for all things Pagani. Some of my earliest racing game memories were of friends and me racing around the Indianapolis oval in Zondas and Huayras.

Those memories all come from early 2012. Skip ahead 3 years to 2015, and my car spotting life changed drastically. Caffeine and Carburetors was holding their annual show at Lime Rock racetrack in upstate CT, and I had to go. I knew there were going to be tons of classic Porsches, Lamborghinis, Mercedes, and more, but maybe there would be one or two modern supercars. My Dad and I began our trek up to Lime Rock. After driving for about an hour, we decide to stop in a small town for lunch, maybe 10-15 minutes from the track. Some locals enter the shop behind us and begin talking about the show. I overhear their conversation. They were talking about different cars like the Lamborghini Miura, Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, and more. I started to lose interest in what they’re saying until one of them brought up the Pagani Huayra. He stated how good it looked in white with a red interior, and how he wished he could own a car like that. I dismissed this as simple chatter, not realizing that they may have just seen one.

We finished our food and continue up to the track. I begin to walk around, captivated by the sheer number of cars featured on the track. There must have been a few thousand cars, ranging from 1965 Mustangs, to 1981 Porsche 911’s, to even 2015 Lamborghini Huracans. We begin our walk down the main straightaway and it was incredible. There was an original 1968 Lamborghini Miura next to an original Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing, just as the men in the shop had said. I was stunned by how gorgeous these cars were. I must’ve spent over 20 minutes just staring at these works of art. The Gullwing in particular looked incredible. Everything from the checkerboard patterned seats, to the white ivory looking steering wheel, was in perfect condition. It really was the quintessential classic Mercedes. We continued our journey down the track, only to come across a group of probably 30 people surrounding one car.

That’s when I saw it. My legs began to go limb, I could hardly walk, and I legitimately almost screamed from joy. All I had to see was that unmistakable roof line to know exactly what I was looking at. Featured in white paint with a red interior and bare carbon fiber roof, was my first Pagani Huayra. This car was the embodiment of perfection. Every little detail on this car was better than I could have ever imagined. The gullwing doors stood tall, the engine bay laid open, and the whole car looked like a transformer. I’d never seen anything like it. The humongous AMG V12 laid right there in front of me. I was in awe. The craftsmanship necessary to build such a piece of art was unparalleled.

People were literally gawking over it for hours on end. How could you not? It was easily one of the most beautiful cars on the track, and demanded your attention. It was undeniably sexy. Its pristine ivory white body glistened in the sun, and the red interior was on a whole other planet. Hell, even the air vents were made out of carbon fiber. It was the perfect Pagani Huayra.

That exact Huayra has been ingrained into my brain since that moment. The first time seeing a Huayra will forever be one of my lifelong memories. Although I’ve been fortunate enough to see pretty much every Huayra in Connecticut, that exact one will forever be my favorite. There was something about the white body, red interior, and bare carbon fiber roof that captivated me. It was just perfect. No matter what anyone says about the Huayra, it may very well be the most beautiful car on the market today.

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