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My Favorite Car Shows

Growing up in Fairfield County in Connecticut, I always had some amazing shows to attend to. From Caffeine and Carburetors, to the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS), to even Dream Ride, there was always something to go to. The best part about the shows in this area, are how diverse each one is. It truly is a gearheads playground. Due to the vast majority of shows we have, I figured I’d list my three favorite of them all.

Starting with number three, I’m going with the NYIAS. The NYIAS is a fantastic show for prospective buyers, clients, and dreamers, but as a car show, it’s pretty boring. Sure, looking at the new Koenigsegg or the modified Bugatti’s is cool, but you don’t get to go up close and personal with them. On top of that, it takes forever to get a decent shot of a car due to the massive amounts of people that go. The people who show up to the NYIAS are some of the worst people too. I always see people leaning on cars, rubbing their fingers over them, sitting on the hoods, just doing really idiotic things and for honestly no reason. However, the best part about the NYIAS is seeing the future of the automotive world. Companies like Honda, Toyota, and even Ford will sometimes bring out their concept cars for the mid 2020’s. These cars are pretty cool to see. From hydrogen powered city cruisers, to the next best hypercar, you never know what you’re going to find. These are the reasons I rank the NYIAS at number three. Again, it does not mean I dislike the show in any way, it’s just not my favorite.

Continuing on to number two, I have Dream Ride up in Farmington Connecticut. Dream Ride is one of the craziest shows in Connecticut. It’s a charity event that raises money for the Special Olympics, but do they know how to throw a car show. From a Ford Model T to the latest Pagani or Koenigsegg, you’re sure to see everything. And not just one of something, you’ll see multiples. Last year my dad and I took his 570S and we were shocked by the amount of cars there were. There must have been 10 Paganis, 20-30 McLarens, 10-15 Ferraris, and so so so much more. Ferrari even brought out their F1 car. In total there could’ve been upwards of 400 cars if my memory serves me right. Now, what are the cons of Dream Ride? Well, the crowds. If you get there super early in the morning, you can get some awesome shots of dealership cars. I don’t quite remember what time we got there, but when we did arrive, there must have been 30 people. I was able to get some great shots of the Paganis, Sennas, and other hypercars that had already arrived before pretty much anyone else. However, by the time 8:00 came around, this show was filled to the brim with people. I mean literally upwards of 3,000 people. It was crowded. But overall the show was amazing. Therefore, it definitely deserves the number two spot.

Finally, my favorite car show of them all in the Fairfield County area, Caffeine and Carburetors. Caffeine and Carbs is one of the most diverse and well controlled shows I’ve attended. From classic muscle cars, to forgotten gems, to the latest supercars, you’re sure to see everything. However, unlike the NYIAS you can actually walk up to the cars and see inside them. And unlike Dream Ride, it’s very spread out. Between meeting the people who own the cars, photographing the cars, or just walking around in a daze, there is too much to be said about Caffeine and Carburetors. It genuinely is one of the greatest car shows in the North East. Some of my favorite cars that have gone include Pagani Huayras, Lamborghini Miuras, Mercedes 300SLs, and much more. The cars are amazing, the coffee is fantastic, and the people are great to talk to. There has never been one encounter at a Caff and Carbs that I didn’t like. Sure some people may drone on and on about their car, but at the end of the day, that’s the beauty of being a gearhead.

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