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My Favorite Racing Games

Racing games come in all styles. From the hardcore simulators, to the less reaalistic arcade racers, to even the family friendly party games, racing games are a huge and unqiue genre. Growing up I was exposed to a vast majority of these games. From Mario Kart Double Dash to Forza Horizon 4, I’ve played a great amount of these games. Because of that, I figured I’d rank my favorite game in different genres.

My favorite “simulator” is definitely Dirt Rally (1). Dirt Rally is by no means an easy game. It takes skill, patience, grit, and calmness. It really is one of the most challenging games out there. From learning how to understand your copilot, to learning the scandanavian flick, this game does not hold back. One of my fondest memories from this game is actually from the day I bought it. I had genuinely no clue what I was in for. I set up a rally in Greece with a Ford Fiesta rally edition and set off. I started off pretty well. I had made it past the first three turns with absolutely zero damage. However, I didn’t realize how real this game gets. Around the 5th turn, somehow I took a corner way too fast and pummeled my rear driver side wheel into a wall. Instantly my car was spinning around and flipping through the air. My door flew off, trunk popped open, and my bumper was dragging like a stick. On top of that, my engine was overheating and I’d lost some brakes. Well, if that wasn’t an eyeopener I don’t know what is. Overtime I honed my skills but ultimately had to give in. I was making almost no progress in the campaign and starting to get really fed up with it. The game was just too hard but hell was it fun.

The next genre is arcade simulator. This includes games like the earlyNeed for Speeds or Forza Horizon series. With that being said, Forza Horizon 2 most definitely takes the cake. Forza Horizon 2 was the perfect balance between arcade, and realistic. The cars handled easily, and the game required little to no skill, but you couldn’t drift a Koenigsegg at 220MPH and expect to end up perfectly fine at the end. Horizon 2 was just pure fun. Cars weren’t too expensive, but they needed a lot of time to obtain. It took me almost 4-5 days just to get an Aventador. Nowadays, you get showered with Forza’s currency just for driving a car, making it feel less rewarding when you bought a car. Back in the days of Horizon 2, you only got Wheelspins for leveling up. Therefore, the only way to make really good money was to race. Whether it be against your friends online, or in a championship by yourself, you had to play to win. On top of all of that, the road design and layout was superb. There were not a lot of dirt roads in Horizon 2, so most of the focus was put on curvy mountainside Italian views. It was brilliant. To be able to take a purple McLaren P1 down those Italian vistas was just simply awesome.

The final genre I will cover today is Arcade racers. Games like Mario Kart, the new Need For Speeds, and more. My all time favorite arcade racer is definitely Mario Kart Double Dash. Double Dash, which came out on the Nintendo GameCube was absolutely perfect. Unlike today’s games, you actually had to play to unlock everything. There was no DLC or microtransactions, everything in the game had to be played to unlock. It was awesome. The tracks were brilliant, the characters where unique, and the karts were fun and required a little skill. My issue with Mario Kart Wii (which some may argue is better), is that it offers an “automatic” driving mode. The whole point of a Mario Kart game is to drift. That’s why I love double dash a lot more. You actually had to know how to drift in order to win. On top of all of that, the tracks were simply amazing. From Wario Colosseum, to DK Mountain, to even Dino Dino Jungle, every track was just perfect.

Racing games are a pivotal part in car culture. From Forza to even Mario Kart, all of these games help inspire the next generation of car people. Whether it be the little kid who grows up dreaming of owning a Ferrari, to even the kid who wants to design the next Hypercar company, these games allow for so much to happen. Without them, I don’t think I’d even like cars as much as I do.

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